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25 Feb Substrate for cacti/succulents and transplant
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This video shows how to prepare a substrate for cacti and succulents (specifically Lithops) and how to later use this substrate to transplant a Lithops to a new pot.Watch video ..
23 Nov Seed germination in cotton
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How to germinate Cactus and Succulent seeds (specifically Lithops) in cotton, obtaining an excellent germination rate, in a very simple, clean and efficient way. The video explains how to germinate th..
23 Nov Instructive sowing kit
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Como germinar semillas de Cactus y Suculentas (en específico Lithops) utilizando el kit de cultivo ofrecido en nuestra tienda online en el siguiente enlace: Kit de siembra El kit incluye: Maceta para ..
14 Dec Lithops transplant progress from cotton
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Progress of transplantation of previously germinated Lithops seeds into cotton. In the video you can see the Lithops in perfect condition after 18 days of being transplanted.Watch video ..
18 Jan Ambient Lithops in natural habitat
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In this video I explain how to set lithops in an environment very similar to that found in their natural habitat.Watch video ..
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